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Holmes on Homes is the series for anyone who’s been duped during a home renovation with construction and renovation expert Mike Holmes to the rescue.

Each week, Mike visits unlucky families who have been swindled or abandoned during their home improvement projects. Mike uncovers shoddy construction methods, improper techniques, and down right rip-offs. While we watch Mike uncover and fix the problems, he explains how homeowners can safeguard themselves from these unscrupulous builders and dishonest contractors. Throughout the series, viewers learn valuable lessons for their own home renovation projects such as the importance of a good contract, proper payment terms and what good craftsmanship should really look like.

Holmes on Homes is photographed as it happens, in a reality-TV, documentary style with the viewer acting as a “fly on the wall” of the construction site. This no- holds-barred approach to television gives viewers a gritty, close-up look at the renovation and construction process from the perspective of a frank, experienced and professional general contractor. courtesy HGTV.


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